The idea of portraiture has come a long way. We now look at portraits not only to document, but to express. They can portray us as we are- loudly and clearly- for all to see. You want a portrait to reflect and accent the qualities you want to share with the world. That's where I come in.

Imaginative, memorable, and unique- that is the type of portrait experience I hope to create for each individual. It is important to me to provide a well rounded variety of images that span the spectrum from traditional to as far as the imagination will go. Tradition has its place in the world of photography, but it does not live there alone.

It is my passion to capture the moments that you want to remember and cherish. Milestones and moments only happen once, but they can last forever.


Address: 174 GilmoreRoad
Finleyville, Pa 15332
Phone: 724.263.1323